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Chaos In This Town (Deluxe Edition)

by The Spin Chorus

This Town 03:26
You’ve been shut down, you’ve been torn apart You’ve been let down, right from the start And when you start to frown, I would pick you up But you’re grown up now, time to find your way back home You gotta find your own way home Its been so many years now, and you worked so hard On the city lights you set your eyes, and you also set your heart Nothing ever is for certain nothings ever truly known You’re gonna fly away but you’ll find your way back home You gotta find your own way home When you’re growing up here, it the people who make it Get as far as you can ‘til you can no longer fake it In brand new circles, in new cities that you roam, I’d do nothing but wish you well, you can find your way back home You gotta find your own way home So walk away – and trust your heart Fit right in – you look the part Be sure to write – and see some art Who know, who knows, who knows what the future holds Before you walk away Make sure you know your reasons Im asking you to stay But I know you should be leaving You gotta get out But you’ll always come back to this town
Stay Still 03:13
Fish Bowl 03:19
She called him a gentleman And left it there once he had walked her home Strolled home with the air of a victor Snow fell down and chilled him down to his bones How was he to know? Oh oh oh Flash forward to two weeks later She won’t dance, she laughs and checks her phone He tells her she looks pretty She says who’s this boy who won’t leave me alone Oh oh oh CHORUS It was new It was theres And it caught them unawares He’d been let down before Now he was ready to settle the score She’d hold his hand if he’d let her She had always deserved better And no doubt before too long it’d be just another ruined love song He was from another city She may just as well have been form space He was scared and she was nervous but he couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face And he liked it that way Hey hey hey They drank all of the gin and whiskey And she said “hey boy, it’s getting late” They trudged their boot through four feet of snow And kissed in a doorway at 2:08 It was worth the wait CHORUS Just as quickly as it got started It was all over when she just turned to run Snow fell as the story ended And he went and wrote a perfectly ruined love song Oh oh oh She called him a gentleman
You just showed up at a real weird time We’re all 6 feet part and the world is on fire You just showed up at a real weird time I know its sounds crazy but don’t call me no liar Its not always like this out there little man But we let a lot of problems get a little outta hand Y’see for all the smart people there a whole that are dumb Who don’t want little people to have any goddamn fun You just showed up on a real weird year Its normally much more beautiful, you take it from me You just showed up on a real weird year I hope one day soon this’ll be history The earth is round, the earths not flat, Gravity is real, how about that? Vaccines work to save your life, especially when youre a tiny little guy Nazis are bad, music is good, treat others like Kermit would Doesn’t matter how ya look, its all how ya act, take time to think before you react Make love not war, believe you me, youll be confused when youre in your teens Listen to your Mum and trust yer dad, you think they haven’t I bet they have If you ever need to talk im here for you, that goes for your brother too When your old enough we’ll have a beer and laugh how about you arrived...on a real weird year CHORUS Its not always like this out there little man But we let a lot of little problems get a whole lot outta hand But we’re working real hard to get better than square one So all the little people...can get back to having fun.
I was walking down the street When a man came up to me and said Boy why you walk so slow I said man I just am, Im doing the best I can As I wander down the middle of the road He said boy why’d you walk so slow? He said boy why’d you walk so slow? He looked at my face As I picked up the pace and he said Boy whats your hurry now You told me hurry But i never said to worry You gotta take in what is all around He said boy what your hurry now He said boy what your hurry now As i walked down the street The old man walked with me and said Man I think you get it now I have got to go But i taught you all know And he left me down the at the end of the road He said man I think you get it now Boy whats your hurry now Boy whyd you walk so slow? Boy why’d you walk so slow


Recorded all around the world, stitched together with hopes and dreams.


released June 5, 2020

Chaos In This Town EP
Shane Adamczak - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Bridget Turner – Vocals on 1, 4
Alwyn Nixon Lloyd – Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar
Luke Fragomeni – Drums on 1
Robert Woods – Keyboards on 2
Michelle Buckle – Vocals on 2, 6, 7
Additional backing vox by Bridget Turner, Jade Foo, Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd and Rowena O'Byrne-Bowland

All tracks written by Shane Adamczak
Tracks 1,2, 6 recorded and mixed by Nick Gallagher at Cue Sounds Studio, Perth Nov 2011
Tracks 3, 5 recorded and produced by Al Lafrance at No Pants La France studios, Montreal Jan 2013
Tracks 4, 7 recorded and produced by Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd at his home studio, Perth Oct 2011
Tracks 9 and 10 recorded by Shane Adamczak in his home studio circa June 2020


all rights reserved



Zack Adams Perth, Australia

Home for the various musical projects from Shane Adamczak including THE SPIN CHORUS and Australian Indie-Rock funnyman Zack Adams

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